All cabling work encompassing new installations and service work.

Mains and switchboard upgrades, rewiring of outdated and dangerous cabling.

Upgrading to current electrical standards.

Installation of new lights, fans, smoke detectors, power points, ovens, electrical equipment, etc.

Installation of garden and security lighting.

Data, telephone and TV cabling.

Installation of energy efficient lighting.



New building installations.

Electrical maintenance and repairs.

Equipment installation.

Testing and tagging, evacuation/emergency lighting installation, testing and maintenance.

Backbone and infrastructure cabling.

Retro fitting/replacement of lighting with energy efficient, low maintenance LED technology.

Installation of energy efficient control systems for lighting and equipment.

Commercial SOLAR  installations- reduce power consumption, offset equipment running costs and REDUCE YOUR UTILITY BILLS.



Full building installation and maintenance.

Internal and perimeter lighting.

SOLAR your roof and make the most of the large and empty roof space, create free energy ONSITE!

Offset daily power usage and reduce power bills.



Every aspect of our daily life involves the use of artificial lighting. The Federal Government launched the National Strategy on Energy Efficiency in July 2009 and has now implemented the disclosure and auditing system for large commercial projects.

From May 2011, a similar program has been implemented regarding energy disclosure within residential and small commercial premises.


Energy inefficiency will no longer be tolerated!

Enter energy efficient LED lighting.

They are very cheap to run and have an average life expectancy of 40,000 hours.

Let us show you how energy efficient lighting can help to create a sustainable future.


Industrial and Commercial Range:

With the new developments in technology, LED Lighting has emerged as the front runner with efficiency, output and cost savings .

The advantages of them are:

  • 40,000 hours of lamp life.
  • No expensive call out fees for repairs or lamp replacement.
  • No need to continually replace costly light globes and tubes.
  • No reduction in light output over time.
  • Dramatically reduced running cost