We custom design and install solar solutions to suit your specific needs and requirements. Our aim is to give you the best value for money possible, by installing the most suitable combination of panels and inverters.

It is very important we visit you “on site”, and personally discuss your requirements and expectations before our quote is given.

Many solar companies specialising in bulk sales do not cater for difficult site issues such as:
overshadowing from trees and buildings, positioning other than the ideal northerly aspect, shading from flues, poles, chimneys, antennas, other issues such as bird droppings, dirt build up, etc.

These problems greatly reduce the output of a standard solar panel system, and may delay the payback time indefinitely.

Building energy efficiency is the next phase in sustainability.


By 2020, the Federal Government’s “National Strategy on Energy Efficiency” is looking at boosting the nation’s energy efficiency to 30%. This will assist Australia’s move to a low carbon future, lift economic productivity and help us become more environmentally conscious.


Mandatory auditing and energy disclosure across all building codes will encourage us to adopt systems and practices that will greatly reduce our energy consumption, our carbon footprint and utility expenditure..

A 6 star energy rating system applies to all new residential buildings from May 2011.

Electrically, this includes energy efficient appliances, Lighting (with a maximum of 5 watts per sq/m internal and 3 watts per sq/m external) and solar power systems.

Melbourne municipal councils are adopting and implementing programs such as the STEPS guidelines for a sustainable future.

You can start NOW by implementing minor changes that will instantly lower your energy usage.



Turn lights off when you are not in the room.

Heat the kettle on the gas stove or gas hot plates – just like our grandparents did.

Use energy efficient lighting by installing LED technologies. LED lighting consumes 15-20% of the energy compared with a standard 50w down light (with virtually no maintenance).

When appliances need to be replaced, source the highest energy star rated equipment.

Turn off all standby equipment at the power points when not in use.

Install a Solar Hot Water system, use the sun and get free hot water!


Stop donating to the power companies.

Decrease your outgoings by saving energy.

Apply the same energy saving strategies to your business as you do in your home.

Replace costly, inefficient lighting and fit new LED technologies.

Install lighting control systems, that will load shed areas automatically.

Automate and control power and lighting circuits when not in use.

Install a SOLAR SYSTEM by utilising your unused roof space.


We can help with the installation of efficient lighting systems, AND by installing a suitable sized Solar Array (Photo-Voltaic) system.